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Got Audio or Video content? 👇

Our AI Writer Turns 1 hour into...
a 4000 word + Blog post
25+ LinkedIn posts
40+ Tweets
15+ Threads
+ summaries, keywords, titles your tone and style


I'd rather post nothing than something generic”

All the other AI writers help you churn out more content faster. We help you scale your existing content on all important platforms and in your unique voice & tone. So you can refocus on a few creative masterpieces.

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"Unifire turns my webinars into enough content for weeks. Unique content, that sounds like me, and is based my own insights, not some generic b*. This tool is a game changer for growing my following."
Michal BaciaFounder @ Web3 Economics

It takes less than 3 mins to 🤯

Multiply your content with every piece you upload

Unifire transcribes your podcasts, webinars, articles and live streams and automatically writes content assets for blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and newsletters. It saves you hundreds of hours of manual work.

Mulltiply my content
"We had so much unused content. Creator burnout was real, and we couldn't post on different platforms. So we decided to solve that with Unifire"
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Maximilian GutscheCEO, & Token Research Cooperative
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We fight generic AI content hell

An AI that learns your tone

With every upload, our AI learns how you speak and write, how you structure content and what words you use.

  • 99% accurate transcriptionA dedicated AI just for transcribing your uploads with 99% accuracy.
  • Detect up to ten speakersHaving a panel with 6 other guests!? Not a problem, all resources are analyzed down to the last character.
  • Don't sound like a robotSince Unifire takes your transcription, it will use the exact words you use. If you swear a lot then Unfire will swear a lot as well. Be warned.
Start scaling myself

How others escape creator burnout

We are creators, freelancers and educators. From one-person businesses to large conference hosts.

It takes 1 min to upload, then you're blown away

We started to upload our free workshops to Unifire and are now able to fill a blog, publish a newsletter, post everyday on LinkedIn and Twitter. Without additional help.
Johannes KoflerMarketing Manager, Lifeskills

Unifire will change how you think about content marketing

We took 31 conference recordings, repurposed them and worked with all our 80 speakers on Unifire. The initial process took maybe 2 hours but we probably saved 200h or more.
Bety SocaProduct Owner at TheNTWK

Unifire replaces an entire team

We are building our agency around Unifire. It's our content engine. Anything we produce goes through it and then we just focus on the creative part. The alternative is just to write everything manually.
Chris KoronowskiFounder, Web3 Doers

The small breakthroughs

Great content is rarely done alone

A powerful editor

Freely edit, format and structure any post Unifire creates. Alone or with your team.

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Build for collaboration

Unifire features live editing & saving, unlimited workspaces and teams. Anything a badass content team needs.

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All important integrations

Derive data from all essential data sources such as GDrive, YouTube, Dropbox, RSS Feeds.

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Your content is secure

Through a double back-up and secure AI best practices your content is saved for enternity. There's no way to loose it.

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You're sitting on a treasure

Your content deserves more

Every recording turned into a blog post, threads, tweets and LinkedIn, just makes all that hard work much more valuable.

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For Educators

Every course, workshops or coaching session also deserves its own blog post, high quality threads and long-form LinkedIn posts.
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For LinkedIn Creators

Use your talks to extract and schedule LinkedIn Posts in minutes and fill personal accounts and company accounts with easy.
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For YouTuber & Live-streamer

Every video tells a story on different platform. Create countless new touch points with your audience across all the major platforms.
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For Podcasters

All that hard work for only one tiny promotional post. Maybe two? Every episode becomes an endless stream of wisdom.
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For Event & Conference Hosts

Turn your hundreds of recordings into articles, endless social posts and soon even e-books. That's how you provide value long after the last guest went home.
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Creating content for your clients? Now you can refocus on the creative and the strategic parts, and shift from quantity to quality.
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