Earn a 30% recurring income for life.

The Unifire affiliate program gives you a 30% lifetime commission on every subscription you bring. Reach out directly if you have questions.

Repurpose Content with AI into 23 different formats

For the right audiences, Unifire sells itself.

Marketing agencies, ghostwriters, YouTubers, Podcasters and small social media teams are the perfect fit for Unifire.

Marketing Agencies

Our best customers are agencies that transcribe, record, and generate a lot of content with their clients in multiple formats.

Professional Ghostwriter

Since Ghostwriters record most of their sessions with clients before writing, Unifire is a no-brainer.

Content Marketing Teams

Unifire works great for technical industries that have deeply specialised knowledge. Generic ChatGPT answers aren’t good enough here.


Most of our early clients are podcasters who already have content and need multiple assets for their hosting platforms, websites, and social media.


YouTubers are often active on one social platform, need their video assets for the upload and often try to establish a newsletter.

Book Writing

Since Unifire supports long content formats, anyone interested in book writing fits perfectly. Sometimes, 3-5 recordings are enough for a fully-fledged book.

Up to 50% Lifetime commission

Looking for a closer relationship?

We offer up to 50% lifetime commission for our best partners. Let’s discuss campaigns, wild ideas, and services we bring to market together.