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Everything you need to know, from how it works to the most essential features and what’s on your roadmap in the next 60 days.

AI writer + Transcription = Unifire

How does Unifire work?

Unifire takes anything you upload and transforms it into 33+ text formats. It’s a transcription service combined with an AI content generator and text editor.

Unifire takes anything you upload, transcribes it and uses AI to convert it into and extract all the content formats you’ve selected. That allows you to transform a podcast into an e-book, LinkedIn posts and over 30+ more text formats. If you like ALL at the same time.

Pricing and usage explained

How does the Generations (credits) system work?

You pay credits for content generations, and depending on the length, you pay either 1 or 5 generations.

Whenever you select, upload, and generate content, such as a podcast title, blog post, or set of LinkedIn posts, you spend Generations.

Depending on the length of the content, you pay either 1 Generation for a podcast title, Tweets, LinkedIn posts, or an educational worksheet. Blog posts, long-form newsletters, and e-book chapters cost 5 Generations.

So, with 30 Generations, you can generate 6 long-form content assets or 30 short-form assets.


What are the next features you will develop?

Consider using this if you need to provide more context on why you do what you do. Watch the video below for more information.

Custom Templates

We want you to build custom templates from LinkedIn posts, e-books, articles, and other online content. You could do this by uploading your own prompts or simply by the content asset. This would allow total flexibility to what output and assets you can generate.

Advanced AI Writer

Other AI writers allow you to quickly format, rewrite, expand, or shorten your—everything based on the content you provided. We also seek to implement this so you can work quickly with your freshly generated output.

Multi-file upload & advanced documents

Ultimately, once you can generate any text content, the only bottleneck is what you can upload to Unifire. Ideally, you can generate content from files, documents, PDFs and transcripts. We aim to make all that context available to you.

Features & Upgrades for the future

What updates will I get as a lifetime user?

You will get all the features and UX updates. However, we must evaluate AI functionality and anything usage-based before we promise anything.

We aim to make all new features we develop accessible to AppSumo users. This could include custom templates, new content assets, or improved editor functionality. However, we cannot offer newer AI models to our lifetime users since they are usually much more expensive, by an order of 10x or more. The good thing is that AI and transcription services get cheaper over time, so we might be able to upgrade lifetime users later.

Affiliate Program

How can we make money together?

Join our 30% lifetime commission program. There is no catch, no ranks you need to climb, and no special terms.

We built a tool for creators and creators to make money with affiliates. That’s why you get a 30% commission on every subscription you bring—forever. We want to make it easy and profitable for you and us. Here’s the link to our affiliate page.

Let’s Connect

How can I connect with the founders?

Consider using this if you need to provide more context on why you do what you do.

We’d love to connect and chat. You can connect with Max on LinkedIn, take part in a personal onboarding or chat with us on Slack.

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