Audio Description Generator

It’s free and easy to use. A simple upload of your content and your Descriptions are autogenerated.

All assets that Unifire can create out of a single content input
Audio Description Generator for creating perfect Descriptions 1
The Audio Description Generator is a lifesaver for me. So many hours I can use otherwise to grow my business.
Catherine Schoendorff
Founder and Consultant
I use Unifire fore any Descriptions. From Podcast resources to blog posts.
Chris Koronowski
Marketer and community builder
The Descriptions generated really sound like me. Not some ChatGPT generic fluff.
Michal Bacia
Founder 3A DAO

Autogenerate Descriptions

Create Descriptions based on the best templates from top-marketers. You will get your insights in the best format possible.

Repurpose Content with AI into 23 different formats
Audio Description Generator for creating perfect Descriptions 2
It shows a blog post generated by Unifire, that sounds like the author and not like it was generated with AI
Audio Description Generator for creating perfect Descriptions 3
What the Audio Description Generator can do

Descriptions that sound like you

You can train your Audio Description Generator to sound like you, so you Descriptions are always in your own tone and style—the opposite of generating generic-sounding content out of thin air.

AI-based content repurposing for your Descriptions

Creating Descriptions is part of every good content marketing strategy. And now it has become even more accessible with Audio Description Generator.

Repurpose Content with AI into 23 different formats
Audio Description Generator for creating perfect Descriptions 4
Everything you need + more

The best Audio Description Generator.

Create Descriptions based on your insights, and that sounds like you inside Unifire, thanks to all the Audio Description Generator’s unique AI-powered features.


Your content is generated based on the best creator templates and hook frameworks.


Unifire is built for collaboration. Live editing, unlimited team members and workspaces included.

Train your AI

AI’s that can sound like you and learn your own writing style. From vocabulary to sentence structure.

What are Descriptions?

When you’re looking to understand or explain something, descriptions are your best friend. They help you paint a vivid picture in your mind, making complex ideas easier to grasp. Whether it’s a product, a service, or an experience, a well-crafted description can make all the difference. So next time you’re trying to convey something, remember – the power of description can transform your communication. It’s not just about telling, it’s about showing and making your audience see what you see.

Quick tips

How to use the Audio Description Generator

It couldn’t be easier: Upload a piece of content, audio or video. Let the tool transcribe it and produce your Descriptions.

Questions about the Audio Description Generator

It’s free for your first upload. You get 900 credits every month for free to use.

This is dependent on the length of your upload. If you upload 5 hours it will create much more content than if you upload only 5 mins.

Yes, you can train the AI to adopt your own tone & style. This includes sentence structures, vocabulary and more.

Some of the best Audio Description Generator include Jasper, Reword, Anyword, and others.

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