The bad, the good Tweet Template

Discuss a challenging situation, followed by a positive explanation linked to personal efforts or developments, and offer a sneak peek.

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Why this Template works

Understand why the template works and how it can fit into your content mix.

This content template is effective for several reasons:

  • The structure of “”The Bad”” followed by “”The Good”” naturally creates a narrative of improvement or solution, which is inherently engaging because it takes the reader on a mini-journey from a problem to a resolution. This format taps into the human love for stories, especially those with positive outcomes.
  • Ending with a result adds a personal touch and builds anticipation, encouraging the audience to stay engaged.

Blank Template

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The Bad: [explain situation]

The Good: This is because I’ve been [explain the reason]

Here’s [result]

How to use this Template

Learn how to personalise this Tweet template for your own content creation.

Evaluate How the Template Fits Your Content Goals and Needs
The template provided is structured to showcase a contrast between a negative situation and a positive outcome or reasoning behind it, followed by a teaser or preview. This format is particularly useful for storytelling, sharing personal experiences, or explaining the process behind a project or decision. It’s ideal for content goals aimed at engaging the audience through relatable scenarios, demonstrating growth, or highlighting problem-solving skills. Consider whether your content aims to inspire, educate, or entertain, and how this structure can be leveraged to meet those objectives.

Audience Awareness Within the Context of the Buyer’s Journal
Understanding where your audience is in the Buyer’s Journal is critical when using this template. If your audience is at the ‘problem aware’ stage, focus on the ‘The Bad’ section to resonate with their current challenges. For those ‘solution aware’, emphasize ‘The Good’ to align with their search for answers. When targeting ‘product aware’ individuals, the preview can hint at your product or service as the solution. Tailoring the content to match the audience’s stage can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

Personalization is key to making this template work effectively. Use data or insights you have about your audience to tailor the ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Good’ sections. This could involve using language that resonates with them, referencing common situations in their industry or life, or incorporating user-generated content where possible. The goal is to make each reader feel like the content speaks directly to them and their unique situation.

Modern Trends
Incorporating modern trends into your content can make it more relatable and shareable. This could involve referencing current events, using popular memes or language, or integrating multimedia elements like videos or interactive links in the preview section. However, ensure that these trends align with your brand voice and audience preferences to maintain authenticity. Leveraging trends can help your content stand out and encourage engagement.

Call to Action (CTA)
The CTA is a critical component of this template. It should guide the audience on what to do after reading your content. Depending on your content goals, the CTA could invite readers to share their own stories, suggest they follow a link to learn more, or encourage them to sign up for a service. Ensure the CTA is clear, compelling, and directly related to the content presented. A well-crafted CTA can convert readers into leads or customers, making it a powerful tool for achieving your content objectives.