To be great Tweet Template

Explain that being outstanding in a role requires enjoying the repetition of specific actions or messages, often many times over.

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Why this Template works

Understand why the template works and how it can fit into your content mix.

This content template is effective for several reasons:

  1. It highlights the persistence and dedication required for a specific position, which resonates with individuals passionate about their careers. This emotional connection increases engagement.
  2. By mentioning the repetition of actions and the large number of times it might be necessary, it sets realistic expectations and challenges, which can attract a more determined and resilient audience.

Blank Template

Copy and adjust this template to your own needs.

To be a great [Position],

You have to enjoy [Repeating an Action or Messages] over and over again,

Sometimes [Large Number] of times.

How to use this Template

Learn how to personalise this Tweet template for your own content creation.

Evaluate how the template fits your content goals and needs:
To effectively use this template, first assess if repetition and persistence are key themes that resonate with your content goals. If your aim is to highlight the dedication and passion required in a specific role or industry, this template can be a powerful tool. It’s particularly suited for motivational content, career advice, or showcasing the behind-the-scenes effort of success stories.

Audience awareness within the context of the Buyer’s Journal:
Understand where your audience stands in their Buyer’s Journal. This template is most effective for audiences at the ‘problem aware’ or ‘solution aware’ stages. They might recognize the challenges in their career or personal growth but not yet understand the commitment needed to overcome them. Tailor the message to inspire or educate them about the perseverance required to advance.

Personalize the template by filling in the placeholders ([Position], [Repeating an Action], [Narratives or Messages], [Large Number]) with specifics relevant to your audience. For instance, if your audience consists of aspiring writers, you might customize it to: “”To be a great writer, you have to enjoy rewriting certain narratives over and over again, sometimes hundreds of times.”” This approach makes the content more relatable and impactful.

Modern trends:
Incorporate modern trends and the current cultural or industry-specific context into your message. If there’s a trending topic or a widely recognized challenge within your target audience’s industry, reference it subtly in the template. This not only makes your content timely but also increases its shareability and relevance. For example, in a tech context, you might highlight the importance of coding and debugging as repetitive but critical tasks for success.

Call to Action (CTA):
End your content with a clear CTA that encourages your audience to take the next step. Depending on your content goals, this could be inviting them to share their own stories of persistence, signing up for a webinar on career growth, or engaging with a poll about the most challenging aspects of their job. Ensure the CTA is directly related to the theme of repetition and perseverance highlighted in the template.