How much content do I get per Generation?

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How many content assets you receive per generation depends on the length of the asset. For 1 Generation, you will get, for example, around 40 Tweets, 15 LinkedIn posts or a short-form Newsletter. Below is a table that describes the costs for every asset and the number of content pieces you can expect for a single generation.

Generations (Credits)Content AssetOutput in Numbers
1LinkedIn Posts15
1LinkedIn Carousels1
1Twitter Tweets40
1Twitter Tweets (long-form)4
1Twitter Threads (coming soon)10
5Twitter Article (coming soon)1
1Podcast Titles15
1Podcast Summary1
1Podcast Keywords20
1Podcast Timestamps1 to n (depends on length)
1Podcast Quotes10
1Podcast Mentioned Topics1 to n (depends on length)
1Podcast Newsletter1
1Blog Outline1
5Blog Post1
5E-Book Chapter1
1YouTube Titles20
1YouTube Tags15
1YouTube Description1
1YouTube Timestamps1 to n (depends on length)
1YouTube Community Posts5
5Newsletter (long-form)1
1Newsletter (short)1
1Educational Checklist1
1Educational Worksheet1
1Educational Glossary1
1Educational Discussion1
1Educational Case Study1
1Lecture Follow Up Email1
1Education Flashcards1
1Meeting Summary1
1Meeting FAQ1
1Meeting Report1
1Meeting Memo1

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