How much does it cost?

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At, we offer a range of subscription plans to suit various needs and budgets. Here’s a detailed look at our current pricing structure:

  • Free Forever: This plan is completely free and does not expire. It is ideal for users who want to explore basic features without a financial commitment.
  • Scale with 30 Generations: Starts at €36. This plan is designed for users who need a moderate amount of content generation.
  • Scale with 60 Generations: Starts at €68. Suitable for users with increased content generation needs.
  • Scale with 150 Generations: Priced at €128. This plan offers a substantial increase in generation capacity for high-demand users.
  • Scale with 300 Generations: Priced at €236. This plan is ideal for businesses that require large volumes of content regularly.
  • Scale with 600 Generations: Priced at €499. Designed for larger organizations or heavy users, offering extensive content generation capabilities.
  • Scale with 1200 Generations: Priced at €899. This is our premium plan, offering the highest volume of content generation for enterprise-level needs.

Each plan is tailored to accommodate different levels of usage and comes with a set number of content generations per month. If your needs exceed these options, you can contact us for custom solutions.

For more detailed information about our plans and pricing, please visit our Pricing Page.

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