What are Unfire’s credits “Generations”?

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In Unifire, you get credits to create content. Whenever you generate a piece of content you pay with Generations.

One Generation = one content generation event.

When you upload a podcast and want Twitter Threads from it, you pay 1 Generation; when you select LinkedIn posts, Tweets, and Twitter Threads, you pay 3 Generations. It’s easy to understand.

Pricing differs for certain assets. Rule of thumb: the longer and the harder the content is to generate the more

  1. Podcast and YouTube assets only cost 0.5 Generation
  2. LinkedIn, Tweets and Twitter Threads cost 1 Generation
  3. Blog posts, E-books and other long-form content cost 5 Generations

We will always show you how much a content generation costs in the custom instructions screen.

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What are Unfire's credits "Generations"? 1

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