What’s the Scale plan?

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The Scale plans on Unifire.ai are designed to cater to users with varying levels of content generation needs. These plans are structured to provide more extensive capabilities than the Free Forever Plan, accommodating higher demand for content production. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Scale plans:

  • Scale with 30 Generations: Starts at €36. This plan is suitable for users who need to generate moderate amounts of content. It is ideal for small businesses or freelance content creators.
  • Scale with 60 Generations: Starts at €68. This plan supports a greater volume of content generation and is perfect for growing businesses that need to produce content consistently.
  • Scale with 150 Generations: Priced at €128, accommodating high-volume content needs. This is suited for larger operations or small agencies.
  • Scale with 300 Generations: Priced at €236. It offers a significant increase in content generation capacity, ideal for large businesses or agencies needing extensive content regularly.
  • Scale with 600 Generations: Priced at €499. This plan is tailored for very large organizations or heavy content producers, giving them ample freedom and flexibility in content production.
  • Scale with 1200 Generations: Priced at €899. This premium plan provides the highest level of content generation capacity, designed for enterprise-level needs with substantial demands for content generation across multiple platforms and projects.

Each Scale plan is structured to meet the specific needs of different organizational sizes and types, from individual freelancers to large corporations. Upgrading to any of these plans will significantly enhance your capability to generate diverse and robust content at scale.

For more detailed information on each plan, their features, and to see which might best suit your needs, please visit our pricing page: Unifire.ai Pricing.

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