What are custom instructions, and how do they work?

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Custom instructions are a powerful feature that allow you to tailor the AI’s content generation process to better meet your specific needs. Here’s how they work:

  • Guiding the AI: Before initiating content creation, you have the opportunity to give the AI specific instructions. This can include directing the AI to emphasize certain areas, omit specific details, or adhere to a desired style or tone.
  • Customization: These instructions help mold the content according to your preferences, which is especially useful for aligning with your brand’s voice or the particular requirements of the content’s intended platform.
  • Light Prompt Engineering: This process is a simpler form of prompt engineering, which is widely recognized from AI systems like ChatGPT. It doesn’t require deep technical knowledge, making it accessible for all users wanting to optimize content output.

Using custom instructions effectively allows you to “steer” the AI, improving the relevance and precision of the generated content. This contributes to a more targeted and effective communication strategy.

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