What assets are available to generate?

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Our platform offers a wide array of assets that can be generated from your source material, listed here in reverse order for your convenience:

  • Case Studies
  • E-books
  • Twitter Threads
  • Twitter Long-Form Tweet
  • Twitter Tweets
  • LinkedIn Carousels Post
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Blog Outline
  • Blog
  • Podcast Mentioned Resources
  • Podcast Newsletter
  • Podcast Timestamps
  • Podcast Quotes
  • Podcast Titles
  • Podcast Keywords
  • Podcast Summary
  • Education Lecture Follow Up Email
  • Education Case Study Exercise
  • Education Discussion Prompt
  • Education Flashcards
  • Education Terms Glossary
  • Education Worksheet
  • Education Lesson Checklist
  • Meeting Follow-up Memo
  • Meeting Report
  • Meeting FAQ
  • Meeting Summary
  • Newsletter
  • YouTube Timestamps
  • YouTube Community Posts
  • YouTube Video Description
  • YouTube Tags
  • YouTube Titles

Each of these assets represents a unique way to extend the reach and effectiveness of your original content across various formats and platforms.

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