What’s inside the Free Forever plan?

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The Free Forever Plan on Unifire.ai is designed to provide users with essential features to get started with our platform without any cost. Here’s what’s included in the Free Forever Plan:

  • Upload Limit: You can upload up to 1 hour of content per upload. This allows you to transcribe and generate content from reasonably lengthy sessions or documents.
  • Workspaces: The plan includes 1 workspace. This is suitable for individual users or small teams who need a central place to manage their projects and content generation processes.
  • Team Member Limits: You can add up to 5 team members to your workspace. This feature is ideal for collaborative efforts and small team engagements, allowing multiple users to access and work with the generated content.

This plan is perfect for individuals or startups beginning to explore content automation tools, providing the fundamental capabilities needed to start generating and managing content effectively. As your needs grow, you can consider upgrading to one of our Scale plans for additional features and capacities.

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