I bought a lifetime deal, what updates will I get?

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If you have purchased a lifetime deal with Unifire.ai, here’s what you can expect regarding future updates:

Included Updates: #

  • UX Enhancements: You will receive updates that improve the platform’s functionality, such as new content assets and enhanced editor features. These updates aim to enhance your user experience and provide additional value without requiring significant changes in our AI infrastructure.

Excluded Updates: #

  • AI Model Upgrades: Updates involving new Large Language Model (LLM) implementations or other significant AI resource upgrades are not included. The development and deployment of newer AI models often entail substantially higher costs.
  • Advanced Generation Methods: Future methods like text-to-video and text-to-image generation are also not covered. These features involve complex and costly technological advancements.
  • New AI Writer: Any forthcoming AI writers that differ significantly from our current offerings in terms of technology and infrastructure requirements will not be part of the lifetime deal.

The limitations on certain updates are due to the cost implications associated with deploying cutting-edge AI technology, which can be many times more expensive than our existing setup. This ensures that we can continue to offer stable and reliable services while innovating responsibly.

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