What are the available plans?

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Unifire.ai offers two main types of subscription plans designed to cater to different user requirements. Here’s a brief overview of each plan available:

  • Free Forever Plan: This plan is ideal for users who are just starting with Unifire.ai and wish to explore its basic functionalities without any financial commitment. The Free Forever Plan allows users to access essential features and test the platform.
  • Scale Plans: The Scale plans are designed for users who need more robust capabilities and higher content generation volumes. These include:
    • Scale with 30 Generations: Starts at €36
    • Scale with 60 Generations: Starts at €68
    • Scale with 150 Generations: Priced at €128
    • Scale with 300 Generations: Priced at €236
    • Scale with 600 Generations: Priced at €499
    • Scale with 1200 Generations: Priced at €899

Each Scale plan is structured to support higher levels of content generation and comes with an increased number of generations per month, fitting the needs of those requiring more extensive usage capabilities.

Whether you are just beginning to integrate AI in your workflows with the Free Forever Plan or scaling up operations with our Scale Plans, Unifire.ai provides flexible options to match your specific needs.

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